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At LivPulse, we are a proud Official Spinning® Facility where Spinning truly comes to life!

We follow the Spinning model and fuse Polar Heart Rate Training together! There is also the Push/Pull Method in use. Think about it… For Every “Push” there is a “Pull.” For Every Action Outside of the Body, there is a Reaction within the Body. Pulling in through the Core, allows the body to Relax while Pushing out with Breath Control. Apply Our Spinning Principles with our Push/Pull Method and leave feeling balanced inside and out!

Spinning in Asheville

Experience LivPulse Rides

What is it that you train for? Your family? Your PR in a Race or Meet? To Give Yourself a Better, Healthy Lifestyle? To simply HAVE FUN?! Train Smart with LivPulse Asheville. We use Polar Heart Rate Technology in all classes to work in 5 different energy zones: Endurance, Interval, Strength, Race Day, and Recovery. Each ride you come to is a New Experience. A New Challenge. A New Reward.



Endurance rides build the all-important aerobic base. In this zone, you maintain a steady heart rate and comfortable pace over longer distances and extended periods of time.


Race Day

The Race Day Energy ZoneTM ride is an opportunity to see how your training has paid off in a challenging time trial ride— the ultimate Spinning® challenge.



This zone improves cardiovascular fitness and builds muscular power by training your anaerobic threshold and loading resistance.



By Intervals push your body to perform at peak levels and recover quickly. Rides in this zone emphasize speed, tempo, timing and rhythm in a variety of movements including quick pedaling on flats, acceleration drills and Jumps



Recovery is an essential part of any exercise program. By balancing high-intensity exercise with easy to moderate recovery rides, your body has an opportunity to heal, repair and rest. It is the only way to prevent overtraining, burnout and fitness plateaus.

 Know Your Zones

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 Meet Trainer Olivia

Meet trainer Olivia

I grew up in North Central West Virginia, living there until I graduated college. Wanting to explore new places and experience new things, but not leave the beautiful Appalachian Mountain view, I ended up here in Asheville, North Carolina. When graduating college, I was still trying to find my way. While working a couple of different jobs, I came across an ad to work at a local gym. That was when it all came into place.

Working in the fitness industry definitely keeps you on your toes- literally. I found new strengths I didn’t even know I had. However, I am not in this industry to have six-pack abs, to run a marathon, or to lift heavy; I am in this industry to coach, to motivate, to educate, and to train others to achieve their goals. Having the knowledge is one thing, but to hands-on help individuals on their own fitness journey is the most rewarding part of my “job.” 

I love what I do and I love to meet new people to educate, to motivate, and to train. 

My certifications include:

National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer (NASM-CPT)

Level 2 Advanced Spinning Instructor with Mad Dogg Athletics 

TRX Suspension Training

TRX Suspension Training with Small Groups

TRX Functional Training