Prepare For Your Spin Ride

New to spinning in asheville

New to Spinning?

New to Spinning? Want a Hands-On First Experience to Build Confidence on the Bike Before Your First Class? Learn about Bike Set-Up, Create a Polar Flow Account, and Learn How Spin Shoes are Beneficial for Your Ride! Can be between 1 and 5 people in a session.



Be Sure to Hydrate Before, During, and After! Also, Bring a Towel with You for those Hard Working Sweat Rides!

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All Spinning Classes will last 50 minutes. Please arrive at least 10-15 minutes early to set up your bike, put up your belongings, and get ready for the class. Unless indicated for an emergency, leave cell phones and other electronics in gym bags or cubbies. These devices can often cause distractions not only for you from the ride, but for other riders as well. Please do not take that away from a fellow rider

Spin Shoes


Have Spin Shoes? Perfect! Our Clips are SPD Compatible! So Clip in and Ride! Don’t have Spin Shoes? No Worries! Wear Comfortable Tennis Shoes to Slide into the Cages. Wear Comfortable and Breathable Clothing. Some riders often wear bike shorts, or can also bring a comfortable padded seat to put on top of the saddle while seated.


Scents & Perfumes

As most scents are not bothersome to others, we ask that you do not wear heavy perfumes, colognes, or lotions before riding. That can also be a distraction for those who are sensitive to strong smells.